Vitola - Corona Gorda

Size - 6 1/8 x 47

Origin - Dominican Republic

Wrapper - Ecuadorian

Binder - UNdisclosed heavenly premonition

Filler -UNdisclosed heavenly premonition

Strength - Medium

Sourced from


Location: Backyard Patio 

Drink(s): Makers Mark on the rocks

Weather: Cool fall evening - low 70s.

Whats on?: Listening to book 3, The Wastelands, of the Dark Tower Series


As many of you know Don Carlos Fuente Sr. passed away this last August. The very last cigar blend he worked on was the Casa Cuba Divine Inspiration. The story goes one night he had a dream about altering his Casa Cuba blend. Because of his illness he was no longer able to travel to his factory in the Dominican Republic. So when he woke up in the morning he called the factory and told them the recipe for this new blend. The result is the limited edition Casa Cuba Divine Inspiration!


Construction: Solid construction. While I do not believe these are box pressed the cigar is slightly squared off. Could just be from how it is stored in the boxes or could be intentional, I don’t know. Not as seamless and flawless as say an Opus it still has a pleasant appearance, no major discolorations. Some larger veins are clearly visible on the outside wrapper.

Aroma: Smells sweet and earthy.

Feel: Firm – again seems slightly box pressed.

Band Design: Although never having smoked the original it is my understanding the band has remained the same. If I didn’t know this was an Arturo Fuente or more premium blend I don’t know I would have picked it out from a line up as anything special. In fact you would most likely assume its called the Casa Cuba Flor Fina, which translates Fine Flower.       

Update: Apparently the reason for no updated band was to get these out in time for the FDA deadline.

Light & Draw: Cut the end of the cap with a scissor cut and lit the foot with a triple flame butane torch. Initial draws are good, smoke doesn’t immediately start up, first draw or two I’m hit with tastes of pepper followed by rich earth.


First Third: Within a few moments the cigar smoke output picks up putting out a perfect amount of blue smoke. The pepper is still there but ends in notes of cinnamon.

Second Third: This is where the cigar shows its complexity. The cinnamon remains but the pepper is replaced by notes of heavy cream and caramel. I get moments of the earthy taste returning but then transforms to maple syrup. I get a slight burn issue with the cigar starting to canoe, flipping the cigar seems to correct itself. The smoke continues to pour off.

Final Third: The maple syrup continues. I try retrohaling and get blasts of white pepper. In all honesty it could be pepper could just be it burning my nose. Anyways finishing up the last 3rd the complexity seems to have come to an end and I just pick up the maple and sweet cream all the way to the finish. (Which is not a complaint )


2017-06-02 10_10_04-.jpg

Sleeper hit!

I’d definitely have no qualms about spending $10 on this cigar again. Or again(as the budget allows) and would definitely take it over some other similarly priced cigars. It definitely performed to my expectations at the price point especially for not seeing a significant rest time. I can’t wait to see how these age.